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Wednesday Volunteers

It was a busy day for volunteers today at The Foundation! In preparation for our Talent Show, our volunteers were putting together dozens of candy leis!DSC_0015 Others were planting flowers in Hope Pots, donated by Home Depot in Chino; that will be sent out to all of our Let It Be Families! We are so grateful for our volunteers and community partners for their willingness to help out, wherever need be.


Cory Overstreet

Let It Be & The Youth Leadership Team

Working with the Youth Leadership Team at The Let it Be Foundation has been a blessing. I am a 3x Leukemia (blood cancer) survivor myself, and it has always been my dream to work with children and families who are battling cancer. The Let It Be Foundation is doing amazing things for these families, and the Youth Leadership Team is a major backbone of the process. Behind all of the events, aside from the LIB staff, is the Youth Leadership Team working hard to help put these events together and bring new ideas to the table. They help with everything from getting ads and sponsors for our events, to delivering various gift baskets and care packages to Let It Be Families. It’s amazing seeing all of these kids that are so passionately driven to be a part of such an amazing cause.

I’ve been working with the Youth Leadership Team for less than a month, and it’s already easy to see the difference they are making in these families lives. Working with The Let It Be Foundation is a dream come true because it provides me with a way I can do what I love and fight back against cancer at the same time.

– Hank Smith// Youth Leadership Intern

Ten Unforgettable Years

This year marks one decade since The Let It Be Foundation’s birth. It is with hope and thanksgiving that we look back on the last 10 years; all of which have been filled with service from those who God has surrounded us with. Here is the letter that all of the wonderful people who have made The Let It Be Foundation possible received:

Dear Friend of the Foundation,

If you are receiving this letter, you have chosen to be part of The Let It Be mission, whether it is by volunteering, participating or sponsoring one of our many events, donating an auction/raffle item, providing a product or service to our Let It Be Families, asking to be on our mailing list, contributing financially, or maybe even all of the above.

As the calendar turned to 2016, it was hard to comprehend that I have been able to live the last ten years without my sweet Karla, my only daughter. Reflecting back is all I have beenKarlaAndMom doing lately, knowing that once again our family has to face another milestone. The reality is that every day, every holiday, every event, both personal and through Let It Be, is no less difficult than the day we had to let her go.

Thinking back, I clearly remember sitting bedside with Karla during one of her first rounds of chemo. She looked over to me and said, “What are you doing?” I was writing thank you notes to the many friends, family members and even strangers that had already reached out to give our family a helping hand – even when we didn’t think we needed one. Responding matter-of-factly, Karla said, “don’t worry about trying to keep up with that mom. You will be able to thank everyone later.”

On February 10th, 2006 I remember standing at the podium during Karla’s memorial service overlooking nearly 3,000 in attendance with my husband Michael and our boys, Brandon (8) and Cole (5). Karla’s white casket, covered in beautiful white flowers, was below us in front. This was the first time I had gotten to say thank you to everyone for being there with out family and we celebrated Karla together. I didn’t know that The Let It Be Foundation would be in our future. With God’s strength and guidance, and the incredible 13 months of inspiration and wisdom I received through caring for Karla, we publically launched The Let It Be Foundation on what would have been her 16th birthday./ Not for Karla, but because of her. Our family’s experience and feelings shaped the programs that began our mission of helping children and families and allowed us to find peace and joy like we had never felt before.

It’s now ten unforgettable years later. Honestly, there are times I think to myself, “Is this what I am supposed to be doing” Then something amazing happens when a family applies for assistance. Without hesitation our team jumps in with all we have to make sure The Let It Be Foundation (that includes you) is there in every way possible.

So, with love and gratitude beyond words, and on behalf of our family, staff, and board; THANK YOU! Because of Karla we have inspiration. Because of God, we have clarity and provisions. Because of YOU we have The Let It Be Foundation. We are growing, we are strong, and we are without a doubt impacting lives!


P.S I couldn’t do this without you, and our Let It Be Kids need you. Please continue to be there for us.


– Ruthe Rosen // CEO & Co-founder


Additionally, The Champion Newspapers wrote a wonderful article that encompasses the heart of what we do here at The Let It Be Foundation, to read, click here. 

Embracing Today

On my first day at The Let It Be Foundation, I sat down at my desk and watched as the volunteer coordinator directed someone past me, into the volunteer room. I then watched as people of all ages continued to walk through the door; many of them newspaper in hand, displaying the Chino Champion’s latest article explaining that Let It Be was seeking volunteers to come in a help out.

I couldn’t help but be inspired by the thought that each of these individuals could be doing anything, and they chose to come here and make meaning of their time. This thought then led me to think more deeply about time in general, and how I had been using mine.

We measure time in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc.Time is priceless. It is often said to be a wise counselor and to heal wounds. How we spend our time results in what time is to each of us.

All of these thoughts rushed through my mind, and I couldn’t help but feel convicted about how unwisely I had been using my time. Even more so, I was encouraged by the willing hands that serve as the glue that holds together beautiful organizations such as this. I’m overjoyed that I’ve been afforded the opportunity to commit my time to purposeful living here.

God placed me at The Let It Be Foundation, he placed me at this particular desk, in this specific room, for me to overhear the joyful conversations of the humble volunteers, and he did all of this in his perfect timing.

I’ve interned here for exactly three days, barely scratching the surface of all that’s done through Let It Be, and have already been reminded of one of life’s most valuable lessons: to use my time fruitfully and to embrace today.

Proverbs 16:3

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.


More to come,

Mandy Mayfield // Writing Intern

Special Hearts and Hands Come Together

Special Hearts and Hands Come Together

The Holidays are always such a special time of year. As the volunteer coordinator for the Foundation, I enjoy interacting with our volunteers, as well as the families that we care for. I am continually amazed and thankful for the generosity of people that want to give to those that need a helping hand. As we were preparing for our Annual Family Holiday Party, wrapping toys for our families, I was overwhelmed at the many gifts given from the heart, like this lovely handmade stocking filled with toys. It truly put a huge smile on my face and warmed my heart! I can only imagine the JOY that these heartfelt gifts will bring to our families. This is why we love what we do and we couldn’t do what we do without these special hearts and hands that come together for a passionate cause. - Cory Overstreet, Admin & Volunteer Coordinator

Joy from Giving!

As the Event Coordinator for the Foundation I don’t have many opportunities to interact with the Let It Be Kids. Every once in a while the Youth Team could use some extra help and I got the chance to go on my first basket delivery trip! We drove to a few homes and our last stop was to visit 2 year old Blake and his family. We were happily welcomed into their home to give Blake, and his sister Bailey their holiday baking basket. They were SO excited!!! Having the opportunity to see the smiles and joy from the kids as we gave them their basket was a truly heartwarming experience. I saw firsthand that when a child is diagnosed with cancer, the small things can go a long way. It was so great visiting with the Wood family and I see more now than ever, how important it is to continue to do the work we are doing. -Caitlyn Cortez, Event Coordinator


Let It Be Blog

Welcome Friends of the Foundation to our new blog or I guess you can blurbs. Stay tuned as we get started sharing our thoughts, great work and inspirational happenings!!