Michael Rosen, Chairman

Michael’s passion for our mission stems from his experience as one of Karla’s parents during her journey. Michael brings to the Board the voice of a parent who truly understands what each parent goes through when their child is sick. Further, his business experience and leadership skills have helped the foundation operate as a professional non-profit organization.
In Michael’s Words: “I am privileged and honored to serve as the Co-Founder and Chairman of The Let It Be Foundation. The joy that we bring to the children and families we serve is a true blessing.”

Email :  michael@theletitbe.org

Toby Cornell, Board Member

Toby, as a childhood cancer survivor, brings an invaluable perspective to the Board. His incredible passion and commitment to the foundation aligns perfectly with our mission of bringing the community together. Further, Toby has taken the lead on making room enhancements possible for our Let It Be Kids through his personal and business connections in the construction industry. In Toby’s Words: “Build it strong.” Email :  tcornell@cornellcustomhomes.com

Phil Erwin, Board Member

Phil’s passion focuses on making sure that everything we do as a foundation supports our families.
In Phil’s Words: “I chose to be involved in “Let It Be” because I know I can make a difference to the families of these sick children.”

Email :  phil@flexed.com

Jessica Horsley, Board Member

Jessica has a broad perspective as a Board Member; she is able to balance the challenging business processes with the realistic situations of the foundation. She has a true desire to be connected to our families and kids and truly understand what they are experiencing, how best to support them with what they need, and then making it a reality. Further, with her organization and creativity as the current Golf Chair she has sustained the golf event to be a sell-out event.
In Jessica’s Words: “We can’t cure cancer, we can’t alter their diagnosis, and we can’t predict how their journey might end. And so it’s because of those things we CAN’T do that makes doing what we CAN do so much more important.”

Email :  jhorsley@hiddenvilla.com

Al Jordan, Board Member

Al may be the newest Board Member but he has been a supporter of the foundation since its begining. Al brings a wealth of knowledge regarding strategic planning and how to make significant and sustainable impacts in the community. His business ideas and processes will only help us reach our foundation’s goals. Knowing what a family goes through during such a devastating journey gives Al a true passion that aligns with our mission.
In Al’s Words: “After meeting the families being helped and seeing firsthand the difference “Let It Be” makes in their lives, I am motivated to try to do more!“

Email :  ajordan@argosdistribution.com

Ruthe Rosen, CEO & Co-founder

Ruthe is the vision and passion behind Let It Be. Her experience and journey with her only daughter Karla has shaped how the foundation provides care and support to parents and children. As an experienced businesswoman Ruthe understands how to be an innovator of unique ideas and set attainable goals that benefit our families. Through her clear direction she motivates the Let It Be Team in being the community non-profit we are today.
In Ruthe’s Words: “No matter how dark your struggle, embrace every single moment of it or you will miss the opportunity to find joy and purpose.”

Email :  ruthe@theletitbe.org