Our Family Care Program is the cornerstone of the services offered by The Let It Be Foundation. We provide ongoing support and services to families challenged with a life-threatening diagnosis of a child. Individualization is emphasized throughout this program, we seek to understand each family’s definition of normality and restore it.

Focus Areas

  • Heart of the Home – Helps the family with individualized products and services.
  • Holiday Hope Baskets – Helps the family to feel cheer throughout the year during different holidays and birthdays.
  • Faith Connection – Helps the child and their family focus on hope and faith.
  • Artistic Expression – Helps the child and their siblings express their feelings through the arts.
  • Fitness Fun – Helps the family maintain a healthy balance.
  • Grief Support (A partnership program) – Helps the family through the healing process.

Families Cared For By County

77%San Bernardino County
17%Los Angeles County
2%Riverside County
2%Orange County
2%Extended Communities
Who is eligible for assistance?
A child who has been diagnosed and in current treatment with a life-threatening medical condition. The diagnosed child must be a resident of a local community served by The Let It Be Foundation.
Who can refer a child for assistance?
Licensed medical professionals involved in the treatment of the child, a parent/legal guardian or relative, a pastor/minister of the child and family, the principal or teacher of the child’s school.
What is the application process?
The application has two pages: One is information about the diagnosed child and is to be completed by parents or referring individual. The second page is the Doctor Verification Form and must be signed, completed and received from the treating physician.
How does the approval process work?
Once both pages of the application are received and complete, the board of directors will review all applications (this could take up to 30 days). You will be contacted once we have received both pages to inform you of the process has started.
How does TLIBF determine level of support?
Doctor’s treatment verification form and current service boundaries determine a families level of support and services. Regardless of your support level a Doctor Re-verification is required every 90-days for all families.