We are a small group who work together, part-time & full-time. Each staff member has an area of expertise and skillset that creates a strong multifaceted team. The Let It Be Staff are part of the foundation because they are more than just an employee; they are individuals who make the vision of Let It Be real through their strong passion, compassionate hearts, and dedication to our families. They are committed and driven by the interaction with all our Let It Be Families.


The Let It Be Foundation exists because of the passion of our volunteers and their dedication for seeing our mission and vison realized in the community. They are the unsung heroes of the foundation where they are individuals who sign up for the hardest work and longest days. Volunteers come from throughout our local community, they are of every age, gender, and walk of life. We are proud to say that we have had over 3,000 different volunteers give thousands of hours as well as their love to Let It Be supporting our families, operations, events, and other community activities. Every year we recognize one of our stand-up volunteers who have gone above and beyond as a Team Member. Our 2015 Volunteer of the Year is Julie Dyas.


The foundation hosts four core events requiring event committees. The success of these events is the result of dedication, hard work and professionalism of each Event Committee as well as their ability to secure new community sponsors for each event and ensuring that our events remain in the forefront of community interest. Each event committee is comprised of a small group of individuals that includes Board Members, Volunteers, and community residents and sponsors. Each of our Committee Chairs who works with our Events Coordinator in organizing our events. We welcome new committee members for all events!


Interns are valuable to The Let It Be Team where we share in mutual opportunities for growth. As a non-profit we offer each intern on our team the opportunity to grow professionally with mentoring and coaching by other Let It Be Team Members and acting as a stepping stone as they start their careers and define their life missions. Our Interns support the foundation by bringing fresh new ideas and current processes to the office that help us stay in touch with popular business and service trends. We welcome new interns on an ongoing basis!

Youth Leadership Team

The Youth Leadership Team is a group of caring teens who interact with each of The Let It Be Kids making sure that they feel like just another kid while visiting with them at home or hanging out at our events. Our Youth Leadership Team also helps The Let It Be Team, to what they are, keeping up on what kids need to be normal by interacting with their peers to what are current trends and fads for teens are. In addition to their commitment to our families, the Youth Leadership Team gives more than 5,000 hours of volunteer support at other Let It Be Events and at Community Projects that support our families throughout the year making them key members of the Let It Be Team.